Internet, email, smartphones, interactive TV, WA, social media, free WIFI … all this is not only a technological innovation, it is a revolution in the way we communicate and make decisions.” 

Joaquín Gómez


The tools and the ways we communicate and do business do not stop changing. They increase almost daily in variety, speed, connectivity, diversity, people using them…


To cover the media variety, platforms and scenarios where the activities of our clients develop, it has been creating a multicultural and multidisciplinary team that knows and uses this environment.


Not only, but also TV, internet and low-cost flights have been approaching cultures, habits, needs, desires… Clients search products that fit into their world and they understand.


Our teams are formed by colleagues from 7 nations and an average age in the different groups of less than 30 years. Our action points are in the USA, Spain and Germany.


mktg ∙ marcom ∙ new media ∙ social media
project managers
creatives ∙ lay outer
copy ∙ content ∙ storyboard
db-developers ∙ db-managers
web ∙ app programmers
digital animation ∙ 3d ∙ virtual reality
thematic event managers
strategy consultants


Joaquín Gómez
Managing Director ∙ University Professor ∙ Consultant

• Founder (1993) and owner of limexl communication
• Lectures ∙ Workshops “New Media, Sales and Marketing” ∙ University of Applied Sciences ∙ Science City of Darmstadt ∙ Frankfurt ∙ Germany
• Management Consultant · Coach
• Marketing Club
• Circle of German-Speaking Executives

• Marketing Manager Central Europe ∙ Multinational IT-Company
• National Sales and Marketing Manager ∙ Multinational IT-Company
• Sales Manager Large Accounts and Banking ∙ Multinational IT-Company
• Regional Sales Manager ∙ Multinational Communication Company
• Manager Innovative Projects · US IT-company
• Board ∙ Goethe Foundation Spain ∙ Cultural Foundation of the German-Spanish Economy
• Board and Vice President ∙ Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Germany ∙ Frankfurt
• Consultant at Bitkom ∙ Federal Association for IT, Telecommunications and New Media
• Studies in Pedagogics ∙ Psychology ∙ Economics ∙ Computer Science